2.3 inch Ultra High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

Chrome $35.97
Brass $55.97
Bronze $55.97
Nickel $43.97

2.3 inch Ultra High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

PRICE: $54.99
$19.02 (34.59%)
  • Superior water pressure with precision high pressure jets. Optimal performance even in low water pressure installations.
  • Made with premium materials. Built with high quality solid heat resistant finish all around for a modern and stylish look and feel found only in luxury spas and hotels.
  • Adjustable ball joint allows easy and flexible adjustment to achieve the perfect angle for your bath area.

This product includes:

- 1 X Handheld shower head with flow restrictor and a filter disk installed
- 1 X Hose
- 1 X Shower mount
- 1 X Step-by-step installation instructions
- 1 X FREE Teflon tape
- 2 X Rubber washers

Product Description

Elite Handheld Showerhead by ShowerMaxx® Comes With Hose and Shower Mount

Enhance the quality of your shower and experience spa-like shower today!

- Are you tired of maneuvering yourself just so you can take a decent shower?
- Are you looking for a quality handheld shower head that cleans you and not your wallet?

Introducing premium handheld shower head by ShowerMaxx® for your everyday shower needs.

- Made with ABS material with an elegant finish all around including the large 2.3" face plate.
- Comes with stretchable stainless steel hose: 60 inch stretchable up to 80 inches.
- Includes adjustable brass ball joint shower mount. 
- Free Teflon tape included to prevent leaks.

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