Shower Head Holder
Handheld mount

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Shower Head Holder
Handheld mount

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  • MADE TO FIT STANDARD SHOWER HEAD Our shower wall mount holder is a universal ½” male/female outlet/inlet compatible with all standard width handheld shower head model. Our premium arm mount will not only fit the head perfectly for any brand with standard wand, it’s also incredibly easy to install with its twist on mount.
  • A DURABLE HOLD THAT KEEPS HEAD IN PLACE The problem with many of the shower head holder brackets is that the actual hand held shower knob to fall, droop, or sway, even when you take the head out or change the angle. This product comes with a large adjustable nut with grooves so you can adjust it, even when hands are soapy and wet.
  • MADE WITH HIGH END, QUALITY MATERIALS The ShowerMaxx mount is constructed with premium grade ABS, an opaque thermoplastic polymer material. With its swivel ball joint made with brass, our product is designed to provide heavy duty endurance. It also Includes a sand disk to filter sediments.
  • LEADING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE We at ShowerMaxx are so confident in our product, we provide a lifetime warranty for any purchase. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your product, so we are available 24/7 for any questions, comments, or concerns.
  • NO STRUGGLE TO DETACH THE SHOWER HEAD It can be removed and manipulated for a better interaction. Our top of the line, adjustable shower head holder provides a secure hold, yet has enough give that you can easily dismount your shower head without struggle or wear-and-tear.

This product includes:

- 1 X Shower mount
- 1 X Sand filter disk

Product Description

Don’t Worry About Your Shower Head Falling Anymore

Detachable shower heads are awesome because you aren’t limited to one position and one angle the entire duration of the shower. Handheld bath heads are great for hard to reach spots, kids and animals, and massaging your sore spots. But the problem is they rarely stay in place because most shower holders aren’t sturdy nor do they have a firm grip. This causes the shower head to loosen its position which makes for a lousy bathing experience. With this galvanized shower head holder, worry no longer about messing with the knob and having it fall out of position. The custom cone washer ensures a firm hold no matter how much you change the positioning of the shower head.

Parts of the Product
Premium grade ABS with brass inlet and swivel ball joint
Universal ½” male/female outlet/inlet
Custom cone washer inside swivel joint for a firm grip
Large adjustable nut with groves can easily be adjusted to any angle even with wet soapy hands
Waterproof, durable polished chrome finish will not rust, corrode or become dull
Includes sand filter disk to keep out sediments 
Quick and easy twist on-and-off installation will have you showering in no time

With our fantastic customer service, lifetime guarantee, and overall quality product, we are confident you won’t be interested in using any other shower bracket mount for handhelds in your bathrooms ever again

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